My name is Alyssa, and I absolutely love beauty, fiercely.

The beauty of dirty feet. Of burning your tongue eating homemade pizza. Of sitting beside your best friend on the hood of your car, watching the sun set. Of playing your piano with clumsy fingers and singing to Jesus, wishing for Him to be there and hold you. Of calling yourself a writer but struggling to put words on the page. Of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and laughing at yourself but having plaguing thoughts of guilt. Of feeling the hot tingle in your feet when your body is laced with anxiety. Of simultaneously crying and wanting to punch someone you knew for wrecking the life of someone you love. Of staring at the stars and in your smallness, understanding grace a little more.

This is a snapshot of my story. This mess and beauty. It’s complicated. It’s difficult. It’s risky. Mostly, it’s comprised of deep vulnerability. But that’s just part of the journey in the light. It’s part of living, truly. I want to share this life with you. So come, take off your shoes. Let us run on this pebbled road and dance in the rain. Let us chase after life, let us fight for love. And let us bring light to the world through glory unbound.